Stairs, railings, kitchen, closet, bathroom furniture, office furniture, shop furniture, doors, windows, Garden, decorations and ideas that the specific dimensions.

Company in 1999 - has been dealing with the production of furniture and furniture
Free site survey - planning.

Why us drawn up?

- Our workshop, our team is prepared to furniture experts.
- Furniture warranty
- Quality, price and exact schedules.
- The furniture can be added later.
- Hundreds of furniture, countertops, doorfronts model.
- There is no standard size restrictions!
Laminated chipboard case:

- Kronowood

- Egger

- Falco

- Thermopal

- More than 400 colors, from matte to high gloss surface.

- Robust ABS imprisonment.


- Krono

- Egger

- Thermopal

- Falco

Upon request, special size, special imprisonment (acrylic, Ellecom)


- Blum, Fgv, AT-X, Forest, Hafele

- Hinges

- Wire

- Pantry cabinet hinges

- Chrome Columns

- Handles

- Other kitchen accessories

MDF door:

Vacuum foil: 160 colors, matte marásmintával from high-gloss.

Painted: RAL color chart under all colors.

The doors of our solid wood furniture manufacturer!

Veneer and solid wood:

- Pine, spruce and red pine, beech, steamed beech, oak,

- From cherry, maple, birch, wenge, mahogany, walnut, alder

The built-in cupboards:

The built-in wardrobes, a separate corpus (frame) or a fixed interior wall structure - are made out of frame, with hinged or sliding door design.

AGF, SAHECO professional fixture.
Mdf kitchens from:

65,000 .- HUF / m to

Laminated kitchen doors from:

50,000 .- HUF / m - a memory

Solid wood kitchens from:

120,000 .- Euro / m to

The prices include the cost of installation too!
Furniture and interior door colors: (cured: beech, cherry tree, pine, ash tree, maple tree, alder tree, maple, mahogany, walnut wood, oak)
Outdoor transparent paints doors and garden furniture: a thin transparent paints spruce, pine fir thick transparent paints.

The individual freedom of fantasy furniture. If this is coupled with the slightly higher or equal to the price of mass-produced furniture, but better quality, obvious in the flat taste of their own, home furnishing desired features.
There are no items with sizes (30's, 40's, 60's), nor with the forms (72 and higher, 86 lower). Not to be hiding in the remaining gaps slat blanket, which is not true, unique feature of furniture. The specific size of kitchen furniture is made in millimeters, the percentage reduction required to place or facility, and exactly like what you imagined.
If this is coupled with quality materials, durable, and aesthetic expectations of the practicality and simple furniture may be added later, the owner can be!
Doorskin made outstanding quality. Almost infinite range of accessories.
The garden furniture design, creating a harmonious balance, the model makes it easier for many of the choices. Since each individual design, no restrictions!

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